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3D Generalist / 3D Artist

Mjesto: Banjaluka

Poslodavac: Holoscope

Kategorija: Informatika i dizajn

Objavljeno: 2019-08-2626. 8. 2019.

Ističe: 10. 9. 2019.

Pregleda: 1773


Are you ready and open to working in the exciting life sciences industry, in the mix of IT and life sciences, with new visual experiences? Where IT includes VR / AR, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, IoT and more! Then HOLOSCOPE is the right place for you! We are not looking for great biographies because then we would look to the past. We are more open to associates who look to the future, want to expand their knowledge to new concepts and work on futuristic and scientific projects!

HOLOSCOPE is an IT company in the life sciences industry.

Our team will be a collaborative family of developers, electronics and robotics engineers, artists and medical professionals open to futuristic projects and challenges. In collaboration with R&D companies from Norway and the US, we are launching new business opportunities for young engineers and researchers in the region, working in the life-sciences domain and using VR / AR for new visual experiences, IoT, robotics, AI and other emerging technologies.

These new, interesting and challenging sectors will bring together young teams to learn and work together, by gradually increasing the complexity and size of the projects. In partnership with researchers from IT and medical colleges, HOLOSCOPE will offer unique development experiences in a research and development environment, on geographically distributed projects.

Job Description

3D Generalists are responsible for creating photo-realistic environment scenes, landscapes and animations that integrate seamlessly with the real world. Successful candidates display a high proficiency in some and a varied skill level across the areas of model, texture, shading, look development, basic hard and soft surface animation and the ability to composite their own work. Candidates that demonstrate themselves to be exceptional in only one area will still be considered as long as they have some experience in all others and are willing to learn.

Generalists work both individually and within a large team environment, with tasks ranging from completing everything on a small number of shots to working on specific tasks within a larger body of work.

Senior 3D Generalists will also demonstrate the ability to break down complex VFX shot work into achievable workflows using a variety of off-the-shelf plug-ins and scripts. As
such, a strong technical background with the ability to modify and/or create scripts to develop workflows is key to their success.

Required Education / Experience

  • Degree and/or 1-3 years relevant experience in a VFX environment either in VR/AR, commercials, TV or features
  • Previous experience in creating digital environments for 3D videos/games or educational purposes is strongly preferred

Required Skills / Duties + Responsibilities

  • Proven artistic ability across multiple CG disciplines including modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, shading / look development, animation and/or compositing.
  • Strong communicator that requires minimal guidance in the execution of VFX Tasks.
  • Lead creation of outstanding artwork within a shot, using various software programs
  • Maintain or exceed a consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work
  • May train, mentor or supervise the work of entry, mid and mid-high level generalist artists at the discretion of the Department Supervisor
  • Attend dailies and participate in creative problem solving

Technical Skills

  • Fluent in Photoshop
  • Fluent in 3dsmax, Maya, ZBrush or similar
  • Experience with Sidefx Houdini, Autodesk Softimage, Adobe After Effect, Blackmagic Fusion
  • Fluent in Vray, Mray or similar ray trace renderer
  • Knowledge of maxscript and/or python
  • Comparable software experience also considered


  • Please send your CV, motivation letter and your zipped demo reel or appropriate link to online files to [email protected]
  • Deadline: August 23 rd , 2019
  • Address: HOLOSCOPE Ltd, Bulevar Srpske Vojske 17, 78000 Banja Luka (EUROHERC building).

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